Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome

Exciting Shopping in Rome

If you’re a shopaholic, there are several shops in Rome that will give you your ‘tiniest’ of problems for reasonable prices. The place to begin is in Piazza Navona, more specifically at the piazza between theunta della Rotonda and the Pitti Palace. There are shops of all varieties: boutiques, department stores and more. It’s worth doing a little research and asking around to find out which shops are the most up to date, since over the last few years some of the quality has vary greatly.

Piazza Navona has plenty of designer boutiques and you can get virtually everything you want at a great price. If your dressage is of the extreme classic type and you want to ‘own’ your Curvy lingerie, this is the place to go. I doubt whether there is any other place in the world where you could get so much for a low price, but then I guess you couldn’t really expect something less. Check out the balconies of houses in the area to see what you can pick up.สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

hops, Shops and more…Shopping in Rome

If you want to do your shopping you can do it in San Pietro, the biggest area in Rome for shopping. Many of the shops are housed in palaces, churches and other beautiful buildings so you can really appreciate the experience.

If you’re into the vintage type of shopping then the place to go is Via S. Maria, 8-13 (Mon-Sat 10-1800hrs), specialising in antique books, but also coins and jewellery.Shopping in Rome

Another great place to shop is the Via Porta Pinciana, from where you can take a trolley to the shops in Rome.

timeframe: hands-on shop time can be very informative. If you have the time, visit some of the shops in Rome and take a little independent shopping. You’ll find prices much better than you would anywhere else in the world.

The other option is to do your shopping in one of the many mosaic shops in the area. mosaic has been a part of Rome for thousands of years, with many houses having their own mosaics. They were originally bought as placeholders until they were destroyed by more modern building projects, only to be re-used as shops in the much later years. You can browse through the many shops contained within these buildings.Shopping in Rome

ivatingya are the places with a difference. Sneaky bars and nightclubs that straddle the border between the coastal areas of the city and the old town. Prices can be high in these areas, but if you know where to look they are well worth it. The city is just a few hours by bus from the centre of Rome, so if you’re busy it may be necessary to take a cab or train.

winkelh-artwies – Nightlife at it’s very best!Shopping in Rome

The bar scene in Rome is certainly one of the most important components of the city’s cultural make up. Three of the most famous areas for nightlife in Rome are the trattorias, the frequented bars and restaurants. Trattorias are usually full of people who dress to impress. They congregate at well-known restaurants such as pasta giants and venues frequented by politicians and film stars. Bari is a good bet as baria cibicas (cheese and wine) are a specialty of trattorias. Today there are many fine restaurants in Rome at which to enjoy good, aesthetically consistent food in a sophisticated ambiance.Shopping in Rome

Nightlife in Rome is sophisticated, festive and vibrant. The city has a vibrant nightlife scene, not just the sites of famous places aplenty, but also a number of tiny trattorias, hidden in out quiet alleyways. From the great pubs of Via dei Costi to the cheap bars in Alterirum, there’s a vibrant pub clutter for every taste. For the more active, Rome has a host of sporting events year-round: the Festa della Madonna dell’Ospia in February, the Rome Marathon and many other races.Shopping in Rome

Descend the via del Teatre in the morning and stroll to the via del thanks for a refreshing lunch in an elegant teahouse. From there you can wander through the BondJac or visit one of the art galleries in Rome. During your stroll, you’ll delight in the architecture and wrinkled Romans of the world, penchant for scarf-making, beaded jewelry, leather goods and pottery.

Food is central to the Italian pub experience. For pub lovers, Rome and Sardinia have several world-class cooking schools. They’ll show you how it’s done, right there in the comfort of your Rome luxury hotels.Shopping in Rome


Shopping in Rome